2300 Team

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What is the 2300 Team?

The  ‘2300 Team  ‘ is a group of donors who pledge to give a monthly, quarterly, or annual gift to Moses Merrill Camp & Conference Center.  These gifts go directly to the general operating budget of the camp.  These gifts help narrow the gap between expenses and expenditures. This helps  keep our summer camp costs low, which allows more kids to come to camp.

Why 2300 Team?

MMCCC are the initials for Moses Merrill Camp & Conference Center.  In roman numerals it is 2300.  The 2300 Team was born.

 Who are the members?

Individuals      Couples/Families     Churches     Sunday School Classes

Church Groups (AB Men or Women)     Businesses

Anyone who wants to further the Kingdom of God through Moses Merrill Camp & Conference Center!

How do I become a member?

1. Decide how you will pledge to give. Monthly Twice a Year Annually 2.  Complete a pledge form. 3.  Return your pledge form to MMCCC.

Over half the kids who come to summer camp make some kind of commitment to Christ!

Do you need any other reason to join? 


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