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Address: 2849 RD 31 Bldg 3 Linwood, NE 68036-3117 Office Phone: 402-666-5639 Email:

If you’re interested in reservations or have questions about Moses Merrill, please email us at

Directions to Moses Merrill

From Omaha/Fremont

  • Follow 275 W to Fremont where it joins Hwy 30
  • Follow Hwy 30 to North Bend
  • At the blinking light turn south (left) onto Hwy 79 and go 2 miles to Morse Bluff
  • At Morse Bluff turn west (right) on Lin Road (gravel road also known as Linwood Road)
  • Drive 6 miles
  • Turn left on Road 31 and Drive into Moses Merrill

From Lincoln

  • Take Hwy 34N to Hwy 79N and follow to Morse Bluff
  • Turn west (left) on Lin Road (also known as Linwood Road)
  • Drive 6 miles
  • Turn left and drive into Moses Merrill

From Grand Island/Columbus/Schuyler

  • Follow hwy 30 east through Columbus to Schuyler.
  • Take Hwy 15 south (turn right) through Schuyler
  • About 2 miles south of Schuyler , turn onto spur 12A (turn left) drive to Linwood
  • When pavement ends turn right (6th street)
  • Take 6th street to Road X and turn left
  • Go 1/2 mile to Road 46 1/2
  • Turn right and follow this road to Road 31(dead end)
  • Turn right into Moses Merrill

From Norfolk

  • Take Hwy 275 to Pilger.
  • Turn south(right) on Hwy 15
  • Drive to Schuyler
  • Follow directions from Schuyler (See Left)