Building Bridges - The Weaver Hall Project

Weaver Hall

Weaver Hall was formerly the Faidley Building in Grand Island Park. In 1977 when the park was used for another purpose the trustees authorized the building and the remaining Faidley Funds to be moved to Camp Moses Merrill. Judge Weaver from Grand Island made it possible for the building to be moved to the Linwood site.  The structure was dismantled, moved and enlarged by the men of First Baptist Church of Grand Island under the supervision of O.D. Gilpin of Grand Island and Clinton Nash and Keith Nash of Camp Moses Merrill.

Weaver Hall has remained the hub of summer camp and other events since it’s arrival. The countless memories made here make this building a true camp treasure.  Many loving hands have prepared food in the kitchen.  The meals, fellowship and worship shared within these walls continue to be life changing.

Weaver Hall has remained much the same for 45 years with only minor upgrades. It is time to give this beautiful building some much needed attention.

Your response with a gift or a multi-year pledge will be help and encouragement to us as we work together for God’s Kingdom and to move forward with this project. You can donate here or send a check to MMCCC | 2849 Co Rd 31, Bldg 3 | Linwood, NE 68036

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Your gift to Moses Merrill Camp & Conference Center will make an eternal difference in the lives of many.  Thank you for partnering with us. You can donate here or send a check to MMCCC | 2849 Co Rd 31, Bldg 3 | Linwood, NE 68036

The Project

Dining Room

  • New Lighting, windows and doors
  • New Coffee Station
  • Upgrade flooring


  • Create a new bathroom with a small portion of the rec porch
  • Combine existing bathrooms and hall to create a bathroom


  • 45 year old sewer lines need to be replaced under building
  • New ceiling, lighting, wall covering and floor tiles
  • Increase workspace with additional counters
  • Upgrade steamtable and salad bar
  • Improve storage
  • Upgrade stove and other equipment
  • Bring the kitchen up to today’s health code standards

The Benefits

  • Improved dining experience for campers and retreat guests
  • Increased restroom capacity
  • More energy efficient building
  • A modern kitchen
  • Take care of issues that come with an aging building including sewer, lighting and function

The Cost

Weaver Hall Renovation Projected Cost                    $450,000
Currently Received on Project                                         $35,000
Total remaining to raise                                                  $415,000